Oct 3, 2007

Amazing Bali

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Many feel that Bali is a spiritual experience, food for the soul rather than a destination. This unique island, with its warm people, lush environment and spectacular beaches is a testament to endurance and self belief.

International arrivals for the first six months of 2007 approached 750,000, with June visitation setting an all-time record with close to 150,000 visitors for the month, a 32.4% increase compared with 2006. Not since 2001 has such a record been set, when 680,000 arrived during the first half.

For an island so enchanting, Bali has suffered some terrible hardships over recent years. But the place, described as true paradise by most visit her, is regaining her confidence. So, it seems, are international visitors. More information visit Bali Tourism

Vacations Online

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Anonymous said...

Bali has always been portrayed as a surreal experience to be has by all.
It is good to see that it hasn't lost any of it's flavor and appeal.

A must visit for any world traveler.



boleh citer skit macammana nak buat sheet-sheet macam kat vacation online ni...macam sheet tiap-tiao negara tu ? boleh tolong tak