Sep 20, 2007

Discovery Pattaya - Thailand

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As the Royal Barge sailed on the Chao Praya in Bangkok, local folks excitely prepared to launch Colours of The East in Pattaya. The East being Chanburi( in which Pattaya sits ), Rayong, Chantaburi and Trat – new travel destinations of Thailand.

The Parade stood ready to take off and produce from the various Eastern provinces took their place amongst the many stalls. Rambutans vied with Durians and locally grown grapes for the limelight.

Pattaya has taken small first steps to evolve into something more wholesome. So apart from the famous A-Go-Go bars and beer gardens that line Pattaya beach Road and Walking Street which feature cheap delicious Thai beers, you can now most certainly add on to your itinerary some ‘cultural’ pursuits without anyone raising an eyebrow with “What? Pattaya?”. There are musueums, cinemas, endless restaurants, live music and cabarets. From the retro American fares to bizarre, Pattaya is fast evolving into a show, cuisine and shopping haven, soon to give Bangkok a run for its money.

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