Sep 14, 2007

Amazing Bangkok-Thailand

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Bangkok - The country's airports, commercial centres and streets were teeming with pictorial, almost shrine-like tributes to His Majesty. Seas of yellow appear on thoroughfares as million of Thais wore yellow shirts with the royal emblem as a show of solidarity, love and respect for the monarch!. I have some cool video(below) called it "Amazing Thailand". From this video we can describe generally about Thailand.

No less moving was the rare Royal Barge procession along the Chao Phraya "River of Kings". It was a tremendous sight-and-sound experience rendered by flawless choreography of oarsmen in splendid costumes led by mesmerising chants. Time stood still as the barges glided past with slow, purposeful yet regal sweeps of rows upon rows of oars.

A state of euphoria hung suspend in the air. Along the eastern seaboard, people added sparkle to their activities in living the King's aspirations for their growth in the area. Happy vacations and Bye!

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