Apr 3, 2007

Vacation In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top vacation destination in Europe and known as the smallest sovereign state in the world. The traveller’s should plan their vacation in this country because it has a high cost of living. Aside from the centuries-old castles, picturesque lakes, rustic villages, bustling city centers, amazing shopping and unique recipes, there are things about Switzerland that are really one-of-a-kind.

The top places of interest in this rich country that you just can't miss :

Zurich: Bahnhofstrasse: The famous - one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Europe - is a must . Elegant fashion stores, department stores, boutiques with top quality products and pastry shops line the street.

Zurich: The National Museum (Landesmuseum) and Fine Arts (Kunsthaus Zurich), the Botanical Gardens, the Thomas Mann Archives, and the Urania Observatory should also be high on your list.

Zurich: Uetliberg v. Lindenhof: The views of the Alps are spectacular. If you're not "up" to it, then head for one of the most romantic and peaceful areas , the Lindenhof, for a leisurely afternoon or even to watch a nice game of chess.

Geneva: Explore the famous fountain, and the incredible shopping of the most international city in the world first, then settle in to be floored by Jet d'Eau (that big fountain you can see from everywhere) and plenty of chocolate. What does the International Red Cross or the World Bank have in common? The headquarters of these offices are in the city of Geneva. The old town which has stood for centuries is still worth visiting even if its popularity has been shifted away to the activities done by these world organizations.

Lucerne: Is another place worth visiting that the group can walk and interact among the locals at the old town or enjoy walking by the lake. The Chapel Bridge and Water Tower must not be missed. The same goes for the fine museums that include the Picasso, Rosengart and Wagner .

Lausanne: The art collections is stored at the Musee de l'Art Brut in Lausanne, along with the Olympic Museum, the fine Palais de Rumine, and most inspiring Gothic cathedral.

Basel: Meandering around the old town of Basel, split rather delicately by the Rhine, will put you in the path of the impressive Rathaus, the 12th-century cathedral, and excellent Museum of Fine Arts, and more, in one of the nation's most progressive cities.

Grindelwald: Grindelwald has done more to develop groomed winter hiking trails than any other community in the Alps. At any given time, the village streets may be teeming with young daredevils carting their neon-colored boards and more mature walkers with their backpacks, walking sticks, and small sleds.

Montreaux: The most popular resort on Lac Lèman, Montreux is blessed with a uniquely balmy microclimate that allows even palm trees to survive the winter! These unusual conditions make Montreux a garden spot at its lower altitudes, even though grand mountains tower just above. Every year in July, there is the jazz festival set at the waterfront of Lac Leman. Those who want to catch fireworks should be there during the first of August.

Those who love to ski or would like a lesson can go to the Matterhorn Zermatt. This resort is not only for those who want to scale down a mountain but also is a place where tourists can relax and enjoy the white covered landscape. Those who want to enjoy the festivities with the locals should find time to come during the month of February. This is because of the carnival that will take place putting everyone is in a festive mood that will have bands, circus acts and parades the entire week. This occasion also marks the beginning of spring and tourist and locals can buy fresh flowers at discounted prices. There are also fruits that can be eaten while going on another trip into the mountains.

Those who want to visit this beauty country should bring a lot of warm clothes since the weather is cold throughout the year. Other activities that can be done aside from skiing are hiking and mountain climbing as long the proper footwear and gear are available.

Enjoy your happy vacation!Bye!

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