Apr 13, 2007

Vacation In Romania

Romania offers a rich tapestry of tourist attractions and vacation experiences unique in Central-Eastern Europe. No journey to Eastern Europe would be complete without paying a visit to this country outstanding landscapes, a huge diversity of wildlife.

Tourists from the United States can get to this country by boarding Austrian Airlines. This is the preferred carrier since it has daily flights from the Atlantic as well as to other cities in this country. If the people are traveling across Europe and have arrived from another country, it is still possible to get to there by riding the train, renting a car or on a bus. The travel time vary from 2 to 6 hours depends on your departure station.

There’s a lot of interesting sites to visit while you were there. Some sights offered monuments or castles dated back to the middle ages. The most visited places is the castle. Peles castle is the work of German new renaissance architecture. It has over 160 rooms and each room shows signs of excellent craftsmanship as done on the windows, chandeliers, leather, ebony and ivory sculptures. A smaller castle not far from the first is Pelisor Castle. It has 70 rooms. This smaller version was constructed a few years after Peles was built since the new king did not appreciate the vastness of the other structure. Both of these places can be found in the town of Sinaia that is situated at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in the Prahova Valley.

Another historical castle that has importance in history is the Bran castle. This fortification, which is often, called Dracula’s castle served to protect the citizens from invaders. Most of the castles operating 6 days a week from 10 am until 4 pm and closed on Monday.

Beside castle you can enjoyed your visit at beach resorts that covers a total of 45 miles and these include places like the Eforie, Mamaia, Jupiter, Neptun, Saturn and Venus. There are also health spas in this resorts to help your body wind down after an hectic visiting scheduled. The two most famous rejuvenation treatments known as the "Gerovital" and the "Aslavital".

In most of the monasteries and churches are excellent vineyards so the tourist can taste something another glass of wine that is just as good as those produced in Italy or France.
There are a lot of places and things to see in here. This just shows that the former Eastern bloc countries are worth visiting just like those in the West.

Beside a visit to all the castle or monuments, there’s a lots of other activities that can be enjoyed while you are here such as:

Hundreds of species of birds call the Danube Delta home — at least from late Spring until mid-Fall. Bird-watchers do not need any equipment (although binoculars help), no license is required, and there are plenty of locations throughout the Danube Delta to watch fowl in their natural habitat. Most bird-watchers are lucky enough to spot Black Pelican colonies.

Get close to the country natural beauty by spending a few nights camping beside one of its many rivers or one of its magnificent mountains. From late Spring until early Summer nature lovers flock to camping areas to enjoy an abundance of nearby attractions.

With a terrain that ranges from steep and challenging to gentle and pleasant, offers bikers of all skills and levels something to enjoy along its bike trails. Magnificent scenery offered by trails through woods or traditional villages invite bikers to stop quite often.

With more than 160 species of game fish, the Danube Delta is truly a fisherman's paradise. Trophy-size catfish, carp, pike, sturgeon and more thrive in the hundreds of lakes and rivers that dot the land of Romania. Fishing is permitted in any lake or river , year round, except from April 1 until May 31.

The Carpathian mountain range forms a huge arc in the center of Romania. In fact, 31% of the country is mountainous. Within this range are innumerable places of natural beauty: mountain peaks, gorges, lakes, forests, caves, mud volcanoes and fossil deposits. It is very easy to find a great hiking trail and has more than 400 parks and nature reservations protecting hundreds of species of flora and fauna.

Horseback Riding
The Carpathian mountains and rural areas offer excellent possibilities for Horseback Riding vacations. Operators that can arrange horseback riding programs include:

Most popular rafting rivers are Cris and Olt.

A multitude of mountain resorts offer slopes from novice to challenging. Many of these resorts offer a multitude of other activities including cross-country skiing, snowboarding and tubing. The highest ski point has an altitude of 6,600 ft. The major ski resorts are Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Paltinis and Runcu.

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