Mar 29, 2007

Vacation In Paris

Paris is a majestic city, a city of culture, romance, gastronomy, design and fashion. One of the top destination in Europe. Thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, lies the city of lights. With more than 4 centuries of history, there are a lot of places to see and discover.

Things to do for your first vacation in Paris:

The first is the Eiffel Tower and the most popular tower in the world and a must visit destination when you are planning to have vacation in Paris. This structure is more than a hundred years old and those who want to get to the top can take an elevator and walk the rest of the way using the stairs to get a great view of the city during the daytime or at night. Here some useful information when you get there:

At Ground Floor – Here you can find the massive hydraulic elevator machinery in use since 1899, a souvenir shop, information stand, the snack bar and ice cream stand.

At First Floor – Here is a vast space where you can stroll and relax. There are displays that let you playfully discover the Tower’s recent and past history like a section of the spiral staircase, the original hydraulic pump, the FerOscope, Observatory Top Movement, The panoramic indicators, historical panels, Cineiffel and Internet Stations.

At Second Floor – With its 360 view over Paris, this is perfect floor to make a photographic study of the city.

At Top Level – Elevators take you up on this spectacular ascent providing glimpses of the extraordinary bold architecture of the monument. The are two levels – one outdoors and the other indoors for you explore and discover around city by day or by night.

One of the landmarks of Napoleons imperial capital, the Arc de Triomphe offers an admirable perspective of the city and the twelve avenues converging in a star shape.

Built in the style of a Greek and Roman temple, on the orders of Napeleon 1. Building work began in 1764 and was completed after the French Revolution

Opened in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the storming of the Bastille, this is one of the most modern opera house in Europe.

Built on the site of the substantial remains of Palais des Capetiens, the Conciergerie bears witness to the remarkable civil architecture of the 14th century. This is the oldest prison in France.

The best way to enjoy this place is by getting a guidebook at the information desk once the visitors enter the pyramid. If going around this place with a group is difficult, the person can get an audio guide to be able to enjoy everything at a leisurely pace. It is much cheaper to visit on a Sunday. The individual will just have to put up with the long lines. Tourists should not schedule a trip on Tuesdays since the museum is closed to visitors on that day.

There are 12 streets including the Champs Elysees that converge onto it. People can’t park the car on the road to get a closer look but have to pass the underground passageway to be able to arrive there safely. Visitors can also get to the top by riding an elevator or using the flight of stairs.

Nature lovers will surely enjoy the Luxembourg Gardens. The park has lots of flowers and visitors can rent under a tree after a long day of seeing the sights. One can rent a remote control boat and sail in the small pond and in the distance see the Luxembourg Palace that is the seat of the French Parliament

There are various statues and colorful windows that make this place look beautiful. One is the rose window that is 40 feet wide that depicts the life of the Virgin Mary, which those who strongly believe in the Church will admire. There are no elevators here so those who want to go to the top and see a great view of the city beside the gargoyles will have to take the stairs.

The day can end with a romantic dinner cruise by the Seine River. There are boats of various sizes that cater to couples and those who come here in a group. It will a good idea to plan a holiday for a week or two to be able to visit these places and get some souvenirs for the journey home.

Enjoy your vacation in Paris! You are sure to take home some unforgettable memories!

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Nurse Rep said...

I am a traveling Nurse and I just got back from Paris and had a wonderful time! I hit nearly every attraction you have listed too! My hotel was cozy and affordable right by the Louvre on the right bank. It was called the Hotel Vendome ( ever heard of it? they put me up for 13 weeks! I highly recommend a stay there to anyone traveling to the City of Lights!