Mar 25, 2007

Vacation In London

When you are traveling in Europe, London is a must visit destination and one of Europe’s biggest business is its tourism industry. I already been there last year with my families. The sights to see here are boundless. If you are overwhelmed by all the possibilities then think very carefully about the objective of your vacation. From then on you can start jotting down the places you want to visit and cut them down if you think you are going to have problems due to time constraint.

London is for you to taste the English kind of life - the privileged and the luxurious kind of life. Having an unguided stroll through this path while smelling the breeze of the Thames River is something you cannot do in other countries that are too developed because most of those cities will be filled with big buildings so the city sidewalk is all you have along with the noisy cars. You also have to check out Harrod’s to get a taste of English shopping. The home of the royalties that is the Buckingham Palace has been the residence of the royal bloods since Queen Victoria’s time.

Here are some places of interest in London you should try in your schedule:

Trafalgar Square: Getting this areas many places that you can visit like the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, and the church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields (anyone hear a choir?) are all off the square. Climbing up on Admiral Nelson's lions to get your picture taken is technically illegal but popular all the same.

London Eye: The ultimate Ferris wheel (same like Ferris in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is comparatively new to the city and is already quite popular. You may make reservations in advance for a pod "flight" and get a 360° view of the whole kit-n-caboodle. Book online in advance to save a few pounds, or buy a ticket on site (you may not be able to get a ticket for the exact day you wish, though). It costs about $16. More information about Ferris wheel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia please visit Eye On Malaysia

The Tower and the Tower Bridge: The Tower became best known in its role as the home of the damned. Come to see the royal armory and Crown jewels, among the countless other structures, then walk around to the suicide-proof Tower Bridge, with new exhibits in each tower house at either end. Crowds don't show up until about 10:30, but the Tower opens at 9. Get there a little early and see it without the crowds.

British Museum: The British Museum is also home to the Rosetta Stone and the newly refurbished King's Library. Admission is free; there is a small charge for certain exhibits. The museum is open till 8:30 on Thursday and Friday evenings, the best times to go. The museum is inspiring just for its size. It looks and feels like a good, old-fashioned museum, with enormous, thick walls, high ceilings, massive stone staircases that curve around from here to there, and lots of mummies.

Victoria and Albert Museum: Take time to explore the endless other galleries, and consider, as you spend a few hours roaming the halls, that for every artifact you see, the museum has another ten in storage someplace. Of all the treasures stored at the V&A, some of the most interesting are located in the Fakes and Forgeries gallery--a bona fide collection of counterfeits. That means the display is revolving, so this massive space is worth more than one visit.
Cabinet War Rooms: Admission to the war rooms is about $7. Churchill and his staff conducted operations from here during World War II. You'll be amazed at what was accomplished with what seems today like so few resources.

Buckingham Palace: Unless you have Windsor someplace in your string of last names, forget hanging out in the royal residence in a smoking jacket with your elbow on the mantle. But informative tours are available at select times of the year. If you're just any old bloke, or if the tours are not available, check out the Changing of the Guard at 11 a.m. Pack breakfast and get there before 10 for a good view.

Ok that’s it for today and enjoy your vacation in London like me..he..he…Bye!

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