Nov 2, 2007

The World's Popular Summer Travel Trends Part.2

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Another top trends summer travel such as:

Tehran tourist bus
Tehran has introduced sight-seeing tours of the city onboard a fleet of new open-topped double-decker red buses. Inspired by bus trips in other major capitals, highlights on the Iranian bus itinerary include the carpet museum, wartime propaganda art and many more.

Korean thrill
The problem with full-blown dictatorships is that they are rapidly disappearing. If you’ve seen Cuba and Belarus, the summer’s dictatorial favourite destination is North Korea. The country offers plenty of 1984 austerity in Pyongyang and during the Arirang Festival, a nightly show by more than 10,000 performers.

Frozen assets
If you love sleeping in water bungalow hotels, perhaps you may be interested in the latest twist on this old Maldives favourite. The Ark Hotel in Sweden opened June 2007 featuring over-water chalets on the frozen lake of Tornestrak, 200 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle. You can drill a hole in the ice below your bungalow, sit on the porch with your rod and haul in your own fish dinner from the 170-metre frozen depths of the lake.

New Falklands invasion
The Falklands Islands have become an unexpected tourism attraction this year with more than 6,000 people stepping ashore every week. The islands, that only have a population of 3,000, are this year marking the 25th anniversary of their invasion by Argentina.

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