Oct 28, 2007

The World's Popular Travel Trends Part.1

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The top trends summer travel such as:

Underwater worlds
Two companies are racing to be the first to open an underwater hotel. Poseidon Underwater Resorts claims it is on track to complete its undersea resort in Fiji by the end of next year, while Crescent Hydropolis promises to open up rival ventures before then in China and the United Arab Emirates.

Alive and kicking
The Chinese authorities are hoping a major new television series about the legendary kung-fu fighter Bruce Lee will help boost tourism to Beijing. The series now being filmed in China focuses on the life and troubled times of the fighter who died from a swelling of the brain when he was just 32. The 40-part series will promote Chinese culture internationally in the run-up to next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing.

Hiking in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Twelve years after the end of the conflict that devastated Bosnia-Herzegovina, tourism is making great strides in the country in the form of hiking trips in the mountains. Run by the Sarajevo-based Green Visions, the hiking trips have provided work for 20 villages in the form of accommodation and food.

Burj Al Arab in Taiwan
Inspired by the iconic Dubai landmark, the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel, business tycoon Tang Wenwan has said he will build a replica of it on Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan. Construction will begin in October with completion scheduled for 2009.

China’s high velocity
China has introduced the first of its 280 bullet trains capable of running at 250kph. The authorities aim to reduce the journey time between Beijing and Shanghai by two hours to 10. However, the trains have suffered from controversy. Apparently there is a limited amount of rail where the trains can reach their maximum speed.

Air jet taxis
DayJet, a company based in Florida, has ordered 300 aircraft known as Very Light Jets for US$2 million each. The cut-price jets can transport two crew and three passengers and are about the size of a large car. With the order, DayJet aims to introduce a new range of air-taxi operations this year in the United States. Customers will be able to book seats online, pick where they want to go and when they want to go.

Incisor trading
As the likes of the Czech Republic, India, Thailand and Singapore make great strides in the advancement of general medical tourism, Hungary has been focusing on what it does best, dental work. The capital Budapest has enjoyed a 500 per cent rise in the number of Europeans seeking cheap reliable dental treatment in the past year.

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