Aug 4, 2007

Vacation In Norway

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Norway consists of the western and northern section of the Scandinavian peninsula, as well as the arctic island archipelago Svalbard plus Jan Mayen. It is a constitutional monarchy. Its population is 4,524,000 (2002), giving a population density of 11.7 per km². The capital city of Oslo has 512 000 inhabitants.

Half of the country's total area lies above the timberline. 25% of the country is covered by forest, leaving only 3% arable land. If you choose to shift your gears and select Norway as one of your travel destinations, then you must know interesting trivia it. You will not regret a chance of a lifetime experience here, being one of the Nordic countries (Scandinavian Region). Its economy is one of the highest in rank worldwide, which means it could offer one the best amenities for a satisfactory chosen destination.

It is the second oil producer in the world next to the Arabian countries. It shares cultural and political commonness with its neighboring Nordic countries namely Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark, all located in extreme Northern Europe with synonymous history and autonomy.

It has unique geographic interests as a peninsula with its longest perimeter coastline across Europe, lined by the stretch of world famous 114-mile Fjords. This only gives a good picture on how unique the geographic characteristics compared to other nation.

Its climate is characterized to be temperate changing to sub-arctic, comparable to some parts of Western United States, while summers are warmer ranging from 20 to 21 degrees Celsius, in rare cases climbing to 35 degrees Celsius. To get further, here are some of the hottest places worth traveling for around this country.


It is the outstanding spot Norway is known for uniquely in the Northern and Western boundaries, with glaciers and waterfalls as part of the scenery. Romadalen Valley, also known as the Western Fjord, is one the great showcases of Norway's Vertical slopes through the very narrow routes passing through Trollstigen pass.


The splendid City, where a traveler can enjoy the first class train ride at Bergen Railway to enjoy the long natural panorama of ice covered landscape with waterfalls as well as spectacular view of the fjords. It is a route for a joy ride length 470 kilometers from Oslo to Bergen.

Oslo is very attractive City because of its vast greeneries and open space due to its low population compared to other European Capitals. Two-thirds of the City comprised protected forests, lakes and hilly landscapes with generous airy space for parks and greeneries. It is common to find wild mustang lurking the metropolis especially during the winter season.

Sculptural garden in Vigland Park is a much sought-after places to go to in Oslo. The artistic sculptural expositions are the sole accomplishment of the famous Gustav Vigland.


The place accommodates the best hiking experience to its popular copper-mining town. Historical and old architecture enhances the classic environment for a memorable stay.


Known as great place for fishing, these are islands are rugged and not yet exploited by commercial manipulation, Lofoten is a very dramatic place with mountain sceneries unfolded around.


The journey to Svalbard gives the opportunity to have a glimpse of the Arctic belt.

While Norway is 10th in rank in the worldwide expensive cost of living survey, it promises finest places to choose as vacation destination. There is something in its autonomous culture worth knowing being a sub-part of Nordic culture. It will take days to grasp its fresh air for a grand stop over. Being there is the only way to know.

To the east of this country lies Sweden, Finland and Russia. To the west, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. To the north is the Barents Sea, to the south, the North Sea. Enjoy your vacation and Bye!

AboutVacation Online

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