Jul 27, 2007

The Malaysian Homestay Experience

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In the Malaysian Homestay programme, you will get to experience life in a kampong, or traditional village. With an open mind, you will be exposed to a fascinating culture rarely glimpsed in urban neighbourhoods. You will established a bond with your friendly foster family and get acquainted with the village elders.

Friendly children and accommodating neighbours will also help show you the rural ways of life. And throughout your stay, they will get to know you and your culture too. When you return home, you will bring back a memorable cultural experience and the thought that you will always have a family to welcome you whenever you return to Malaysia.

The kampong involved in the programme are commited to ensure that visitors experience village-style living first-hand and all kampong taking part are carefully selected and comply with strict guidelines from the Ministry of Tourism in order to bring out the best of Malaysia There are approximately 1,200 families participating in the homestay programme involving 25 kampongs all around the country.

The food you eat and the activities you engage in are all authentically Malaysian. Daily activities that take place at these kampongs include preparing food using traditional methods, going to the orchad to harvest fruits or feeding livestock in the farm.

Spend time with the children after they return from school and indulge in games that are still popular like kite flying, top spinning and congkak. Alternatively, you can explore the natural surroundings. In the evening, you will witness cultural dances, musical performances or even a mock wedding, all of which you will be encouraged to participate in.

Live with them. Eat with them. Be a part of their family.

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