Mar 11, 2007

Vacation In Rome

Vacation In Rome

Rome are the places that individual must visit in Italy. This country ( Italy ) has a lot of history and culture and those who lived in this part of the world were those who established most of the things people enjoy today. Planning a vacation and deciding where to go can be challenging. This is because there are so many places to choose from and it takes a large amount of money should the person travel with the whole family. Exploring this country will take more than a week to do. This is because there are so many cities to choose from so it is best to plan the itinerary. For me, Rome is a must visit destination! Check it out this free video below!

Around this city, many interesting places you can visit like a old monument, museums & galleries and churches.


The granddaddy of all Roman monuments, this arena known to the ancients as the "Flavian Amphitheater" hosted 450 years of gladiatorial contests and wild beast hunts... "games," as they were called in antiquity.

This is where this city began, back in 753 BC when Romulus killed Remus. The Palatine Hill was the best real estate in ancient of this country (the emperors chose to live there, after all), and it's still one of the best locations today.

This was the downtown area of the ancient city, where you could cross paths with Cicero or Caesar himself on their way to the political, religious, and commercial buildings which are still visible here today, 2000 years later, in various states of preservation

The ruins of Emperor Nero's legendary "Golden House," which in its day took up one-third of the city , the Domus Aurea remains one of the most unique and impressive sites.

Those who want to see the works of Michelangelo and the center of the Church should visit here where the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel are located. Remnants of the Roman Empire where gladiators once fought can be seen in the Colosseum while the Pantheon is also an important landmark to check out. Another city a few miles north area is Florence. Here, the individual will visit the former capital of this country before it was transferred . There are three large palaces to check out which are the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, the Palazzo Strozzi and the Palazzo Vecchio. If there is time, other important landmarks to have a picture taken are the Campanile di Giotto, the Piazza del Signoria, the Teatro Comunale, the arched Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and the world-famous Duomo/Santa Maria del Fiore that is better known as the Cathedral of Florence.


Important pieces from the Capitoline collection of ancient sculpture displayed among the machinery of an old power plant.

Archaeological excavations throughout of nationhood in the 19th century uncovered all kinds of artifacts, from funerary marbles to everyday objects like plumbing components, now on display in the "City Antiquarium

A wonderfully intimate collection of some of the most important Renaissance and Baroque paintings in the world, including works by Raphael, Titian, and Caravaggio, plus amazing Baroque and Neo-Classical sculptures by Bernini and Canova. P.le Museo Borghese (Villa Borghese).

Made up of two separate buildings: the Palazzo Nuovo houses an incredibly rich collection of Roman sculpture (including the original of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius); the Palazzo dei Conservatori and Braccio Nuovo house more ancient sculpture as well as Renaissance and Baroque art.


St. Peter 's in the Vatican .
The biggest church in the world. Also wins prize for Most Expensive Church , Church with Most Artists' Masterpieces and Church with Most Popes' Tombs. The list of what this church has is long, so we'll cut to the chase. Go there. It's amazing.

St. John Lateran (San Giovanni).
The 17th-century Borromini-designed basilica you see here today was built over the spot where Constantine built first church in 318 AD.

Santa Maria Maggiore.
(First runner-up: Santa Maria in Trastevere). Everywhere you look in this magnificent church (one of the four patriarchal basilicas ), there are tesserae, tiny tiles of colored marble and gold, telling Biblical stories, from the nave to the apse.

San Clemente
Is the run-away winner here, effortlessly combining elements of a 4th-century church, an imperial Roman palace, and a Mithraeum (a cult chamber for an Eastern religion involving sacrificial bulls, a hero in a chef's hat, and scorpions seizing testicles.)

Those who are plan to have vacation here should reserve a hotel at least a month before. It will be difficult to get one anywhere as the peak season keeps these places packed during July and August which is the only time that it is warm. The arrangements can be done manually but it is best to ask the travel agent for assistance so nothing is missed during the planning stages. There are two airports where the plane can land .The airline one has chosen may land at Ciampino Airport or at Fiumicino Airport. From there, the individual can rent a car or take a cab to the reserved hotel.Getting around to visit the sites can be expensive if the person does not know where to go. One can do some research before flying in or get a brochure to know where the bus and trams are located which will surely save money on food and gifts to bring home.It is a good thing the transport system well connected. Buying a metrocard allows the traveler to move around from one place to another similar to the one used in the New York subway system. Should the group decide to see other cities , the Termini Stations is not that hard to find. This is very close to the Via Veneto, Santa Marcia Maggiore Church and the Colosseum.

Walking around Rome will be tiring given that some of these places are quite far. Instead of driving that could get the group lost or wasting money on cab fare, the person can check out the public tours that is being offered. This is still much cheaper than hiring a private coach that will also go along the same route. Ok that’s it for today. Enjoy your vacation in Rome!

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